VDMX + Cinder + Syphon guide

The following is a guide to a setup using Syphon and OSC to combine the flexibility and graphics performance of a C++ framework like Cinder with the live-performance-oriented user interface of VDMX.

VDMX already supports GLSL shaders through its Quartz Composer interface and, most recently, the ISF protocol. But the latter is focussed on fragment shaders and Quartz composer poses its own limitations when it comes particular tasks, such as the following: I wanted to use a Microsoft Kinect to generate a depth image that would in turn control a particle system, creating a dynamic abstraction of people's silhouettes. The whole thing should also be audio-reactive and tunable in a live setting.

Since VDMX supports Syphon out of the box, it's possible to use any texture data generated in another application as long as it also supports Syphon. I decided

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VDMX + Cinder

I'm currently working on a project that utilizes Cinder to control a GLSL-based particle system using a Kinect depth image, with the result being fed into VDMX via Syphon. VDMX also passes control values (global parameters for the particle system) to the Cinder app via OSC.

particle system screenshot

1 Million Particles Tutorial for Cinder

Cinder Code (IN PROGRESS):

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